About Us

I am a new start up business located in Oxford County, which is located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. The primary work done by “Handy Things…Personalized” is personalizing things you use everyday with your memories, your art or sayings. I am also working on my own line of products and eventually plan to offer items from other local artist. We can sometimes offer same day local delivery or pick up! My location allows me to deliver locally as well to nearby cities of Brantford, Cambridge, Kitchener (where I grew up) Waterloo, Stratford, London and all the cities and towns in between.

Most of what I do is through the sublimation process. T-shirts and clothing look very crisp on polyester and faded/vintage on poly/cotton blends. With sublimation the ink goes right into the fabric! The result is permanent and significantly less prone to fading, as the ink penetrates the material instead of simply laying on top like a regular print. The images won’t crack or wear even after dozens of uses. This allows for long-lasting designs There is no layer of vinyl or other cloth unless placed on a dark material. Keep in mind that any white in the photo or image will be the colour of the material because printers do not print white. On other items such as ornaments, mugs, journals, photos on slate, acrylic and aluminum etc. the image is printed on a white background so any image will work. The quality of the finished product depends on the quality of the image you submit. If you are not sure contact us and we will see how it will work; most images work well. Let me take your personal images, designs or artwork and create unique giftware and keepsakes at reasonable prices that you and your loved ones will cherish.  

My customer is anyone looking to personalize a gift or small groups or small businesses that don’t want to carry large overheads of stock or order large numbers to get the costs down. They just call or order online as needed and I can quickly make gifts or t-shirts at a reasonable cost and offer quick delivery locally. Shipping will also be available.

If you have questions or need assistance just email us for answers or to assist with your design. You can contact by telephone 519-504-0506 or click here to use our contact form.

Image shows difference in image quality polyester and blended material(white) as well as prints on lighter colour shirts (polyester)