Personalized t-shirts

$25.00 – $27.00

We carry a few different styles of shirts for personalizing.
There is NO Vinyl! (Vinyl is available for some projects.)
– The image is printed into fabric it will not crack or peel, and is permanent.
– Blended fabrics will experience minimal fading after the first couple washes; this is because the cotton fabric will not hold the ink.
– We recommend a minimum 65% polyester, however, our tri-blend 50% polyester 25% cotton 25% rayon prints equally to our blended 65% polyester 35%cotton shirt. A shirt with only 50% polyester will have a washed out or vintage look.

Note: printers do not print white, if your image has white elements they will become the colour of the shirt. If you are unsure what your image will look like, you can send us your image along with the colour of shirt you are thinking. We can press a small sample for you.

The available colours vary depending of material selected. We recommend any of the shirts below. Keep in mind that the blended and tri-blend will also have minimal shrinkage.

Click the links below to view available colours and to order!